Emergency Services
Established 1964

AESA By-Laws

The Arizona Emergency Association By-Laws



The bylaws of the Arizona Emergency Services Association were adopted this 20th day of July 2011, and supersede all previous bylaws and amendments.



The name of the Association shall be the “Arizona Emergency Services Association, Inc.”




A. Promote sound emergency management practices.


B. Serve as a forum for the membership to discuss and exchange ideas, participate in training activities.


C. Promote legislation designed to enhance the safety and preserve life and property of the citizens of the State of Arizona.


D. Promote the profession of emergency management.




A.        Membership classifications


1. Membership is extended to individuals and representatives of private and public organizations, industries and businesses involved in or with interests in comprehensive emergency planning, emergency response, and/or emergency management activities.


2. NOTE: HONORARY MEMBERSHIP may be awarded by the A.E.S.A. Executive Committee to individuals for outstanding contributions in support of Association goals. Honorary members have all privileges except those of making motions, voting, and holding office.  The Executive Committee shall review the Honorary Membership list annually during the month of July and adjust or modify as necessary.


B.        Voting


Members have the right to vote providing annual membership dues have been paid.

C.        Dues


1. Dues for members shall be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and shall be paid annually until changed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.


2. Dues shall become due on July 1st of each calendar year and will be considered delinquent after July 31st of each calendar year.


3. Members whose dues are delinquent shall forfeit their membership.


4. Dues are based on an individual basis. Group memberships are not available.




A. Officers

The officers of the Association shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair and Public Relations Chair and Immediate Past President, two Members at Large and a Sergeant-at-Arms. 


B. Duties of Officers


1. The President shall preside at meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee; serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the Elections Committee; serve as the administrative officer of the Association; and perform other duties as necessary. The President shall be the lead person responsible for all planning efforts for the mid-year conference. 


2. The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or disability and perform other duties as necessary. The President-Elect shall support planning efforts for the annual conference.


3. The Secretary shall maintain records of the proceedings of all meetings; prepare and mail an agenda prior to each meeting; keep on file all committee reports; and perform other duties as necessary. Copies of the minutes shall be sent to all members of the Executive Committee within 15 days of the close of meetings.


4. The Treasurer shall maintain a record of all moneys received and expended by the Association; shall make a financial report at the Annual Meeting and at all Executive Committee meetings (upon request); and deposit all funds in a financial institution as approved by the Executive Committee, and perform other duties as necessary.


5. Membership Chair shall prepare and maintain the membership roster of the Association; shall upon verification of the payment of dues issue a signed membership card and certificate; serve as chair of the Membership Committee; lead outreach efforts for conference vendors/sponsors; promote membership drives; and perform other duties as necessary.


6. Public Relations Chair shall provide public information to promote the ideals of the association through publication of a quarterly newsletter, association website and other social media resources; be the outreach point of contact to other organizations and to perform other promotional and communications duties as necessary to promote the purpose of AESA.


7. Immediate Past President shall provide support and guidance to the Executive Board by sharing his/her experiences from time spent as President and President-Elect in an effort to provide consistency to the position of President.  The Immediate Past President shall be the lead person responsible for coordinating all planning efforts for the annual conference; serve as the Chair of the Legislative Issues and Critical Incident Protocols standing committee. (Refer to Article VII, G, 1. on page 7)


8. Members at Large (2) - Members at Large will be elected from the general membership to serve a two year term.  Each member at large shall provide support and guidance to the Executive Committee by serving on such committees as directed by the President of the Association. 


9. Sergeant-at-Arms – There shall be a Sergeant–at–Arms elected to assist the President in conducting the business during the regular and special meetings of the Association.  


C. Term of Office


1. Officers other than the President-Elect shall serve for a term of two years.  Terms shall be staggered as outlined in Article IV, Section C.2.


2. The Treasurer and Public Relations Chair shall run in the odd numbered years. The Secretary and Membership Chair shall run in even numbered years. The President-Elect shall run for office every year.  One-half of the members at large shall run each year.


3. The President-Elect shall automatically assume the duties of President upon completion of one year as President-Elect.


4. The President shall automatically assume the duties of Immediate Past President upon completion of one year as President. 


5. Individuals elected to the office of President and Treasurer shall be limited to serving only two consecutive terms.  All other elected positions may be for more than two consecutive terms.


D. Attendance at Meetings


1. An officer shall not miss more than two consecutive meetings of the Association or the Executive Committee unless the absence is excused in advance by the Association President.


2. If an officer has more than two unexcused absences, he/she will be removed from office and an interim officer will be appointed by the Executive Committee.




A. Annual Meeting


1. The Association shall meet annually at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee.


2. All official business requiring the vote of the Association shall be conducted at this meeting or at a special meeting called in accordance with Article V of these bylaws.

3. Upon approval of the Executive Committee, the membership may vote by a mail out ballot on special concerns to the association.


B. Special Meeting


1. The President of the Association may call a Special Meeting or meetings of the membership during the year.


2. A special meeting may be called upon a written request of 6 or more members of the Association. The written request shall identify the business of the Association to be conducted.


3. Only the business that necessitated the calling of the Special Meeting may be conducted at this time.


C. Quorum


A majority of the members present at meetings of the Association shall constitute a quorum.




A. Membership


The Executive Committee shall consist of: 1) the elected officers of the Association; and 2) the Chair of each Standing Committee.


B. Meetings


1. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once prior to the Annual Meeting.


2. Special Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President and/or at the request of three elected members, at any time, provided advance notice is given.


3. The Executive Committee shall conduct the administrative matters of the Association, to include an independent annual audit of all financial records for the preceding fiscal year.


4. The Executive Committee shall provide minutes of its meetings upon request of any member of the Association.


5. All Executive Committee Officers shall have voting privileges at Executive Committee meetings and voting privileges at the annual and all special meetings of the Association.


C. Quorum


A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.




A. Service Award Committee


1. Shall determine individuals or agencies to be cited by the Association for outstanding and meritorious service to the emergency management profession.


2. Awards and/or citations will be presented at the Association’s Annual Meeting.


B. Bylaws/Resolutions Committee


1. Members shall be appointed for a term to be determined by the Association President. Neither the Chair nor members of the By-laws committee may be members of the Executive Committee (except the President who shall be an ex-officio member).


2. Shall be responsible for ensuring correctness of bylaws.


3. Shall formulate and submit proposed changes, additions or modifications of bylaws to the Association as and when required by the Executive Committee or the membership.


4. Shall be responsible for writing resolutions as requested by the Membership and/or the Executive Committee.


C. Membership Committee


1. Shall conduct membership drives.


2. Shall maintain a roster of all paid members.


D. Elections Committee


1. Shall solicit nominations for officer Elections.


2. Shall prepare and count the ballots cast at elections.


E. Conference Committee


1. Shall develop the Annual Conference Program.


2. Shall make all the necessary arrangements for:


a. Meeting/conference location


b. Lodging/food/registration fee


c. Contact and confirmation of speakers


d. Shall produce and mail all necessary meeting/conference brochures.



F. Finance Committee


Shall assist the Conference Committee in arranging for conference locations and travel, etc.


G. Legislative Issues and Critical Incident Protocols


Shall be a standing committee to develop, review and maintain the association’s position concerning Legislative Issues and Critical Incident Protocols.  The Immediate Past President of the Association shall be the Chair.  The committee will produce a white paper addressing the association’s top five issues and present this document to the membership at the Annual Business Meeting


H. Ad-Hoc Committees

1. May be appointed by the President, the Executive Committee and/or by vote of the Association’s membership.

2. Shall conduct specified/special tasks assigned at the time of appointment.


I.          Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy of any elected officer or elected Committee Chair, the Executive Committee will appoint an interim replacement to serve until the next election or for the remainder of the term, which ever comes first.  If a member who is appointed to a vacant office desires to seek election, the interim time shall not count against any time in office limits of this constitution.




A.        Nominations


1. Members of the Association (as defined in Article III herein) may nominate themselves or any other AESA member for any of the offices.


2. Nominations may also be made by the Elections Committee, and by membership input to the Elections Committee.


3. Write-in candidates must be Association members who also meet minimum requirements of these bylaws.


4. Only members who have maintained membership for at least one year may be nominated.


B.       Ballots


1. The Elections Committee shall prepare all ballots showing the names of candidates and office sought.


2. Space will be provided on the ballot for write-in candidates.


C. Election Results


Ballots shall be counted by: Two (2) members of the Elections Committee and one member at large from the Association Membership.




Bylaws may be repealed, altered or amended, or substitute bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote of the membership present at the Annual Meeting or a special meeting called for this purpose.

The bylaws of the Arizona Emergency Services Association were adopted this 20th day of July 2011, and supersede all previous bylaws and amendments.




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