Emergency Services
Established 1964

Presidents Message

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Perspective Members:

Welcome to the Arizona Emergency Services Association! Formed in 1964 the Arizona Emergency Services Association (AESA) is dedicated toward enhancing the field of emergency management and emergency services throughout the great state of Arizona! This year promises to be filled with many challenges and superior opportunities for growth! As we continue to progress toward improvement we are filled with hope and promise for the future! I am honored and pleased to announce the establishment of our new website as well as seeking new ways to enhance our profession and grow our organization. I am positive that with your assistance, we can continue to build emergency services throughout Arizona and truly build partnerships that will last a lifetime! Together I am confident that we can reach new standards of excellence within our organization that have been the hallmark or our tradition. You are the key to our success! I am encouraging each of our current members to reach out and help us grow!

This year I would like to challenge our current members with increasing our overall membership. My theme for the year is: Member gets a Member! Our overall success as an association depends on the strength of our membership body. I know that together we can make AESA a tremendous success with clear guidance and direction for our future. Again, I challenge each and every member to espouse the benefits of AESA so that we may strengthen our association to meet our future challenges.  

Our Executive Board has discussed some great new initiatives, to include: providing additional scholarships and awards, expanding our committee base, exploring an Arizona based Professional Certification, and reaching out to our Colleges and Universities to build a stronger bond with students and promote emergency management programs across the state of Arizona.

Our Association will also be pursuing partnerships with other organizations to include emergency planners with Health Departments across the state and voluntary organizations.

Please keep your eye on our website as we are planning to increase the number of articles that are relevant to your daily work and hope to foster additional discussion about the issues that are important to you!

Let me end by thanking you for placing your trust in me to move our Association forward!


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