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Presidents Message

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Perspective Members:

Since the August Conference, the Board has been working diligently on several projects to enhance the value of AESA to you and increase its appeal to prospective new members. We have also finalized the date and venue for the Mid-Year Conference, as indicated below.

Our first goal and the very foundation of our organization is to ensure that we as a board are doing what you as AESA members want us to do. The essential prerequisite to that goal’s accomplishment is to establish and encourage frequent and comprehensive communication throughout the organization and especially between you and the Board. To further that goal, we will be regularly emailing you updates on various activities and events as well as posting them on the website. The website itself, thanks entirely to the extremely diligent and dedicated efforts of Todd Whitney, has received a major facelift and not only looks great but provides several new features for communicating important information. It includes or will soon include links to the draft AESA Strategic Plan and Bylaws, events calendar, employment opportunities, a chat page, and best practices white papers, as well as information on the upcoming 2016 conferences.

The Board encourages you to utilize the new website to the utmost and most importantly as a venue for the exchange of ideas on how AESA can improve and grow. And please feel free to call or email me directly with ideas and suggestions at 928-757-0930 or .

We want to particularly encourage your input on the content of the 2016 conferences. The Mid-Year Conference will at the Twin Arrows Resort near Flagstaff on February 18, 2016; its theme will be “United in Impact, United in Response” to emphasize the importance of the Whole Community approach to emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and management. The health care sector, schools, the business community, utilities, and NGO’s, among others, are underrepresented in AESA and often in our local planning efforts. If you have examples of successes in utilizing whole community partners in planning or real events, or have ideas for improving the integration of the different sectors and disciplines in emergency functions, we would like to include those examples in the Mid-Year presentations.

Ken Lewis and his Membership Committee have been meeting to develop strategies for increasing our membership, including targeting the under-represented sectors and our law enforcement and fire service partners. More on that in subsequent emails, but in the meantime, please consider inviting at least one person to attend the Mid-Year Conference. It is a great venue; hopefully we can dodge any snowstorms, but certainly we can keep out of the cold and enjoy plenty of good company, food and libations.

Thank you for all you do in Emergency Services and for being AESA Members!


Byron Steward, President