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  • What is El Nino?  

The links provided are from the National Weather Service and provide an in depth look at El Nino information.



·Arizona Ground and Air Mode of Transport Guidelines

This tool is designed to provide clinicians with information that will assist them in making informed transportation decisions.  The decision on whether to utilize a ground ambulance or an air ambulance for transportation is best supported when a clinician follows a standard analysis process.  This tool will assist in establishing that standard process. This document is available electronically as page 27 of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System?s (BEMSTS) Triage, Treatment and Transport Guidelines (

·Curriculum for Helicopter Scene Safety

This tool is designed to provide a general overview for safe interaction with helicopter ambulances at the scene of an illness or injury and at the destination hospital.  This curriculum is appropriate for any and all personnel who may be involved with helicopter ambulances. It represents a MINIMUM standard for training.  It is available electronically at (

·Recommendations for Air Safety and Operations of Ambulance Transport

This tool is designed to provide a general overview for safe flight operations for helicopter ambulances but also contains relevant information for hospitals, first responders and ground ambulance staff pertaining to the critical stages of flight including the period before landing and lift off.  This document is available electronically at (