Objective 2.1 – Networking: Continue building a strong sustainable network of emergency service professionals dedicated to sharing capabilities with governmental, public and private organizations.

Objective 2.2 – Strengthen Capabilities: Strengthen capabilities by providing members with expertise in programs, education, training, and exercise evaluation.


​To coordinate activities that help promote the collaboration of emergency service members in order to allow communities to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.


Objective 1.1 – Expand Membership: Build a program to encourage the expansion of membership by establishing a sequence of unique membership opportunities.​

Objective 1.2 – Build a Creative Environment: Promote the development of an open and creative environment that stimulates and rewards professional performance.

Objective 1.3 – Skilled Professionals: Develop skilled emergency management professionals fully capable of serving with local, state and federal partners.


Objective 3.1 – Education: Improve preparedness through the education of our membership so that we may stand out as leaders throughout Arizona.

Objective 3.2 – Public Preparedness: Our Association will continue to deliver information and programs that will help prepare the public to respond to emergencies and disasters.

Objective 3.3 – Leading Voice: Our Association will continue to be a leading voice in emergency management through increased involvement in initiatives, dialogues and workgroups.


Objective 4.1 – Community Involvement: Actively engage with our community stakeholders to ensure that emergency management programs-and issues-are managed and addressed for the betterment of our community during a disaster.

Objective 4.2 – Engage Stakeholders: Our Association will reach out to stakeholders and engage in cohesive partnerships with public and private entities in order to broaden our horizons and continue excellence in emergency services.

Objective 4.3 – Expand Partnerships: Our Association will expand relationships with local colleges and universities to engage students in the profession of emergency management so that we may actively recruit, train, and build leaders for emergency challenges of the future.

Objective 4.4 – Develop a Professional Certification: Our Association is dedicated toward the development of credentials that certify professionals. This certification will ensure that emergency service practitioners demonstrate the skills and abilities of a workforce that is unique and recognized all throughout the state of Arizona.



The Association is dedicated toward enhancing the professional field of emergency services. Our Executive Board and Members are committed to demonstrating excellence reflected in our skills, courtesy, and teamwork for those we serve.


Our Association and Members will maintain the highest levels of honesty and credibility and will demonstrate a high level of moral and ethical standards.


Our Association will continually strive toward excellence. We will conform to standards that exceed expectations, and stress superior quality in our program and interaction with others.


This Strategic Plan outlines objectives that are necessary for the continuous growth and improvement of our Association.  The plan highlights strategic programmatic performance goals, and also provides a framework for establishing measurable performance items that help support overall strategic objectives.  They allow citizens within our community to know how Association members will help support efforts that will strengthen and build disaster resilient communities.  The efforts undertaken by our members will ensure that our vision and mission for the Association are clearly fulfilled, as we work together in order to purposefully and effectively achieve strategic objectives, abide by our values and fulfill the core values of the Arizona Emergency Services Association.


The Arizona Emergency Services Association will focus on four major strategic goals that are important in fulfilling the Association’s mission. First, we must expand our membership to ensure that we build a cadre of skilled and capable leaders that are well prepared to build disaster resilient communities.

Second, we must expand our capabilities to actively engage our stakeholders through collaboration and coordination efforts that will guide business and community leaders toward an enhanced knowledge and understanding of emergency services.  By streamlining and defining our process, we can become more results-oriented and enhance our relationship with our governmental, public, and private partners.

Third, our Association must encourage and build a culture that invests in people through leadership mentoring, by providing additional resources and information to skilled professionals so that we can lead Arizona.

Finally, through adherence to our core values and by focusing on our future, the Arizona Emergency Services Association will demonstrate a commitment to excellence that will be unsurpassed.


To help build and foster an organization of professionals who are committed to saving lives and reducing disaster impacts for the betterment of our communities.

Strategic Plan